Honeywell Movilizer Track & Trace – TPD Software Suite

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Tobacco Products Directive II

Time left to be compliant


By May 2019, a stricter track & trace regulation is being put in place by the EU – the TPD II. The new requirements oblige tobacco manufacturers, importers, distributors and wholesalers operating in the EU to fully track and trace all tobacco products down to unit-level and up to the retail point of sales. That means, automation and mobility is the key.

The challenge for the tobacco industry is now: How to implement on-time compliance and at the same time ensuring day-to-day business stays unaffected?

Movilizer – TPD Software Suite

Honeywell Movilizer is a platform that integrates a comprehensive set of noSQL databases, API integration and scanning & printing technologies into one powerful software suite. It enables any of the tobacco supply chain operators to successfully comply with the TPD regulation – and that in record times and in an economically useful and easy way.

Details on the Technology

Insights for Tobacco Stakeholder

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Free TPD workshop with VR demo

To fully understand what the EU regulation TPD brings into place by 2019, we created a Virtual World of the Tobacco Industry. You can experience what effect the TPD regulation has on your manufacturing plant, your distribution warehouse and your retail point – a gas station.

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